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Congratulations Dr. Cheng!

Dr. Cheng finished the international AIC implant training program. During and after she has continued to place implants to restore missing teeth.

Since class Dr. Cheng has successfully completed over 60 cases! Her patients are so happy that she is placing their implants. They can get everything done by her in her office at an affordable price.

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Case Review:

Patient #1: Middle age woman, ASA 1, missing tooth #29 & #30. Diagnostic x-rays, CT Scans and models were taken and the patient was examined by Dr. Lottier to evaluate the bone volume of the site. Implant Surgery: under local anesthesia, Dr. Cheng reflected a full thickness flap and prepared the osteotomy for a 3.5 x 10mm HS III(tapered implant). Implant was stable, cover screw was placed, and one horizontal mattress suture and 2 interrupted sutures closed the surgical site. The patient was ready for stage II surgery in 4 months.

The patient experienced no pain during and after the implant placement. Healing time was reduced and the final restorations (crowns) were restored successfully. The patient reported normal chewing on the implant site and was very satisfied and happy with their new smile.